How do pharmacy discount cards work?

FREE Prescription Discount Card by Discount Drug Network

FREE Prescription Discount Card by Discount Drug Network

How do pharmacy discount cards work? By whatever name you call them (discount drug cards, Rx cash cards, pharmacy discount cards, drug savings cards, etc.) you have probably seen a Prescription Discount Card by now. You most likely got one from your doctors office, an organization you belong to, or possibly even in your mailbox! Because these cards are free, many people have a natural skepticism about what they are and how they work. Also, many wonder how companies like Discount Drug Network, who offer these pharmacy discount cards, make money. “Are pharmacy savings cards a scam?” some have inquired through our customer support line. The answer is an emphatic “NO!” of course! I’d like to address these common concerns about pharmacy discount cards and help you, Discount Drug Network’s valued customers, better understand how we are able to provide the card for free yet still make money as a profitable business.

You’re Probably Overpaying for your Prescriptions

Even if you have a Prescription Discount Card, if you don’t understand how it works or how to use it effectively, you’re probably overpaying for your prescriptions, especially if you have health insurance. There are a couple important problems with health insurance. Namely, they breed an unfortunate consumer habit of not shopping around for the best price from the best pharmacy. Many don’t even realize that different pharmacies charge different prices for the same drugs, even ones right across the street from each other (yes, I’m talking about you Rite-Aid and CVS!). While pharmacy discount cards originally were intended to serve the uninsured marketplace, the overwhelming majority of cardholders today actually have health insurance as well, but they’ve learned that many, many times (read: generic drugs!) they can get a lower price by using the Prescription Discount Card. If you’re copay is $10 or $15 but the drug is $6.50 through Discount Drug Network’s pricing agreement with the pharmacy, then you should use the Prescription Discount Card!

First of all, it’s important to clarify that your Prescription Discount Card cannot be combined with health insurance when paying for your prescription. It can, however, be provided as an alternate way to pay and you, the savvy shopper that you are, should push the pharmacist to run the prescription pricing through both the Prescription Discount Card AND your health insurance. Now, the pharmacist may not want to do this because it takes an extra 10 seconds of his/her time AND because the pharmacist often doesn’t want to sell the Rx drug to you at a lower price! Be persistent, however, because the result is usually you paying less money!

If you are dealing with an uncooperative pharmacist, it doesn’t mean that the Prescription Discount Card doesn’t work! It means that your pharmacist may not have your best interests at heart and you should call Discount Drug Network right away or go online and search for other pharmacies in your neighborhood that will honor the pharmacy savings card. You can fill your prescription at any pharmacy, so go to the one that gives you the best price! Discount Drug Network’s online search tool lets you compare pharmacy prices instantly to find the lowest cost prescription.

Who Pays for Pharmacy Discount Cards?

So, to wrap this up, I need to address the last very important question about Prescription Discount Cards… How does Discount Drug Network make money? The answer is actually quite simple. Discount Drug Network, as part of its pricing negotiations with the pharmacies for our cardholders’ benefit, adds a transaction fee that the pharmacy pays. It is a flat per-transaction processing fee and we generate 100% of our revenue from this. We only are able to collect this fee if you, the consumer, have saved money! So, if we save you money, we get paid our transaction fee. We distribute the cards for free because we want everyone in America to have one! I should also note, in conclusion, that Discount Drug Network does not get ANY private information from the pharmacy transactions. We are fully compliant with the healthcare privacy laws and we won’t even know your name as a result of the transaction (everything is passed through the secure pharmacy benefits management systems). The only customer data we collect is from the forms on our website so we can communicate with our cardholders and help you save the most money on your prescription drugs. And, of course, you can opt out of these communications at any time.

That’s it! I hope you now have a better understanding about how pharmacy savings cards, Rx cash cards, prescription discount cards, or drug discount cards (by any other name) work. So, the next time a friend or family member asks you “How do pharmacy discount cards work?” I hope you can send them to this blog post! Please do share any success stories with us for our Testimonials Page. Good luck on your Rx savings and call us anytime, 24/7 if you have additional questions. Remember, be persistent and demand your discount!



  1. LINDA M. UNGERSMA says:

    does kroger accept your card

    • Absolutely they do! Our card is honored at every major retail pharmacy in the U.S. Sometimes you’ll encounter a pharmacist who hasn’t seen our card before and you may need to explain to him/her that they should check your price with both the Prescription Discount Card AND (separately) with your insurance. You should then use the one that gives you the lower price. If you’d like to check prices ahead of time, just go to: and you can search using your drug name and zip code. You’ll see a list of the price at every pharmacy nearby, so you can make sure Kroger really has the best price.

  2. Erin Schmitt says:

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  3. Does a pharmacy have to use your discount card or can they refuse to use it because they are losing out on money

    • Pharmacies do not have to use the discount card, but since so many pharmacies accept our card you can simply use the card at a different pharmacy. You can also use the Find the Lowest Rx Price! to comparison shop and find the pharmacy with the lowest price to help you. If a pharmacy won’t accept your discount prescription card, then they don’t deserve your business.

  4. How many cards can be used for one prescription at one time??

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