About Discount Drug Network

Who is your healthcare advocate?


Discount Drug Network offers health consumers a free, simple-to-use Prescription Discount Card that enables everyone, regardless of age, income, or insurance status, to save on Rx drugs.

Insurance can be confusing. The costs keep going higher while the coverage seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Who can you count on to have your back in the health care world?

At Discount Drug Network, we’ve got your back! We put you in the driver’s seat and help you become your own advocate. We save our cardholders time and money by filling in the gaps that insurance and Medicare don’t cover. For our cardholders without insurance, we do our best to make health care affordable and accessible.

In short, we provide easy access to the largest collection of the best discounts available in the industry. Period.

Call us or log onto our website today for details on how we can help you to get the best prices available on ALL your health care needs.


Your Healthcare Savings Advocate

Several patients have applauded your Prescription Discount Card!

"Having received several different prescription discount cards in our medical office over the past six months, I did not know which were viable and credible. Several patients have applauded your Prescription Discount Card and told me how much money they were saving at the pharmacies by using your card."

Connie Hudson, Men's Health Orlando